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Champagne Sports Resort

Champagne Sports Resort host to CAPSA2011 and now proud host of CAPSA2023.

Over the years, our Champagne Sports Resort team have crafted their offerings to create an award-winning resort, perfect for work and play. It’s not an easy balance to achieve, but they have developed a truly unique destination that caters for every getaway need – all set in spectacular natural surroundings.

Champagne Sports Resort has a Conference and Exhibition Centre with a floor space of 1200m2 (usable area), seating up to 1400 delegates and banqueting 850 guests at round tables, as well as 4 new boardrooms. We now offer a total of 16 conference venues. Other venues include the Sentinel Room which seats up to 1000 delegates, the Monks Cowl Centre, seating up to 550 delegates, the Summit Room seating up to 400 delegates and the more intimate venues ranging between 150 delegates, down to the private boardrooms seating up to a maximum of 20 people. State-of-the-art conference equipment, internet access and a convenient business centre complete the package.

They have an extended dining room and expanded buffet area which comfortably feeds up to 700 guests with little queuing, complemented by an outstanding food offering, rapidly gaining recognition in the hospitality industry.