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Accompanying person

In addition to all the social evening events the following half day activities are included on the accompanying person package

Monday, 16 October – moderate guided hike to Nandi’s Falls


This is very pleasant walk. For the most part, it is relatively level. It leads to a pool at the base of a secluded waterfall, known as Nandi’s falls. It also follows the Sterkspruit River for a while, so many birds species are encountered. On a hot day, an added benefit is the fact that there are many paths branching off the main path. These go to pools along the way, where people can relax and cool down. This route also has its catchments features such as very large tree fern (Cyathea Dregei) can be seen along the streams flowing into the river. These plants thrive in very moist conditions. They grow to an extremely advanced age.

Includes return transport to starting point of the hike and a packed lunch.

DISTANCE: 7 km GRADING : Moderate DURATION : 3 hours

Tuesday, 17 October – canvas painting

A fun, relaxed way to let your creativity out whilst enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the Drakensberg. No previous painting experience required.

Includes art canvas and all materials required to create your artwork which you will get to keep.

Finish off with tea and cake served on the verandah.

Wednesday, 18 October – visit to Falcon Ridge Birds of Prey


For the avid birder, a visit to the Drakensberg promises tiny gems such as the brilliant-green flash of a malachite sunbird; the chatty cacophony of a flock of masked weavers; to a breath-taking glimpse of the rare black eagle, martial eagle, lammergeyer (bearded vulture) or lanner falcon revelling in tis natural habitat. One might even have the pleasure of viewing a cape culture soaring above the foothills. Falcon Ridge is a bird of prey centre in the Champagne Valley that includes soaring above the foothills. Falcon Ridge is a bird of prey centre in the Champagne Valley that includes large birds rehabilitated from injury and provides an excellent opportunity to see these magnificent sky warriors in action. Daily shows include an informative talk and a memorable performance of avian acrobatics, as the resident birds of prey swoop down to seize tasty morsels of meat mid-air.

Includes Falcon Ridge Bird of Prey Centre & Return Transport from Champagne Sports Resort